Gallery 47 is the pseudonym of a 27 year old Folk Artist, currently based in London. Originally from the city of Nottingham, England, Gallery 47 has released five studio albums: “Fate Is The Law” (2011), “All Will Be Well” (2014), “Clean” (2016), “Adversity Breeds” and “Young World”.

Bad Production Records was originally set up by Jack (Gallery 47) to release B-sides and unreleased material, the production quality of which had made it difficult to secure a commercial release for. It is now used in conjunction with Kobalt’s AWAL service to release 7″ single, 12″ Vinyl and standard CD prints of Gallery 47’s music.

We believe that while the financial and experiential support afforded by mainstream record labels can benefit an artist greatly, this can often come at a great personal cost.
As a small label, ‘Bad Production’ follows a grassroots approach to marketing, sustained wherever possible with physical releases, PR campaigns and digital advertising.

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